Monday, January 25, 2010


This has been an amazing week of up's and down's! The "downs" were in my mind, the up's were reality!

Yesterday our family went to church and showed off photos of our newest family members! It's amazing to me how many women are out there saying "I would adopt in a heart beat if I thought we could afford it!" or "I would love to adopt, but my husband isn't on the same page." or "I can't decide if the Lord is asking me to adopt or WHAT... but this is totally on my heart!"

Let me just say... I know exactly what you mean.
I have thought all of those things. We have LIVED all of those things. What I have found is that if the Lord is preparing your heart for adoption, He will change your husband's heart AND provide the funds. What He asks of us is to be brave. Trust Him. Hear Him and follow His will.

I say these things mostly for ME... but if they reach your heart, too - - fabulous!

See, here we are in the middle of the realization of this dream... and one step ahead is another chance for worry, concern, fear, anxiety and sleepless nights.

We have been approved to proceed with the adoption of our precious babies!!
Now... I am missing a few tiny pieces of paper that are rather frustrating to acquire... and those pages are the only thing between us and getting our dossier turned in, official referral paperwork, dossier verification... all the next steps.

I think the most frustrating part right now is knowing our babies are waiting for US to be done with our paperwork. If I could have had it all turned in a month ago, I would have. Anything to expedite getting them home!!

We also made bedroom arrangements this weekend!
We do not have an 8 bedroom house, or a 5 bedroom house for our 7 kids and 2 adults.
What we do have is a GIGANTIC bonus room over the garage that currently houses a couch, a TV, toys and books.
It will now be the Girls Bedroom!
We will put our oldest on a loft bed with her desk underneath (and a curtain surrounding it to imitate private space for her almost-12-year-old self). We will also have two twin beds (our 8 year old is anti-bunk bed right now since she is currently sleeping on the top bunk and is unhappy that she can't make her bed nicely), and a toddler bed for the 8, 4 and 3 year old girls. Now to decide on a color that makes girls happy and that Daddy will agree to purchase and put on the walls!!

The younger two boys will share a bedroom and our oldest child will have his own room with the understanding that if we have company, he gets kicked out of his bedroom.

Moving right along!!
It actually feels real now that we are making plans and moving kids around!
We hope to get our bedrooms all set up soon and be ready for traveling!

I just want to hold them and give them a warm bubble bath and lotion them all up and give them footed pajamas and snuggle up together and, and, and.... just be their mommy!


  1. Hang in there. It will come together. I feel your frustration and I'll be praying for your paperwork. I also appreciated your words of encouragememnt. We've gotten so far and now the paperwork is done adn we've got the mony issue looming front and center. It's good to remember that God hasn't brought us this far to leave us stranded now.

  2. "Four precious babies"?? Is there someone you haven't told us about? :)

  3. So exciting to get the rooms put together!!! that will set reality in. ;)

  4. Chrissy - I would love to talk with you! My husband and I are about a month and a half behind you in this crazy process of adoption. (That's code for: we're still trying to decide whether or not to commit fully to Holt and start their home study.) Just got approval from Holt to receive the full file for 2 brothers in Ethiopia on the Waiting Child list. This is our first adoption experience, too. Ahhhhh!!!!! I didn't see a way to contact you via your blog, but I'll leave my email address, in case you'd like to write and co-miserate while we wait. (And I'd love to pick your brain with a few questions) It's Hope to hear from you soon!!
    Many blessings,


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