Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter fun!

I love Easter!
It may actually be my favorite holiday.
I cry EVERY. SINGLE. TIME I re-read the parallel gospel stories about the last days of Jesus.
I laugh when I read about the angel who came and rolled the stone away...and sat on it!
(it just makes me "I just rolled that giant stone all by myself...yes I did.")
I love shopping for the perfect Biblical-based gift for the kids...
this year devotional books, Christian-sports-star biography, and a comic-strip Bible.
I just love it!

This year we did the silk-dyeing egg thing (google it... I can't find the link I used! Sorry!).
It was fun and totally reminded me of the Easter story!
Plain, whit, unblemished eggs...
wrapped in cloths...
then they emerge even more beautiful than before!

Aren't they so pretty!! And no green-hands in the house!

We are pretty low-key about Easter, but we did an egg-hunt at my mom's house after lunch!

Church was great, the kids were great, lunch was awesome (as always), and we had a glorious day!

Happy 1st Easter, babies!

(**Only 1 Chocolate Bunny was eaten by the dog in the making of this Easter story.)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yeah, we are alive...

I know I haven't posted much...
we are all fine...
I just have computer issues.
Like...mine doesn't always work.
And it gives me no warning when it's going to just poop-out on me.
So... until I have time for something witty to say...

Yes, they are twins.

He really is cute, just like his daddy!

I just love this picture!

beautiful baby girl! (#6)
I made this super healthy carrot cake...
then the stupid dog ate it.

So then I made these healthy cupcakes.
And yeah...she ate those too.
I ALMOST learned to cornrow...!

But it got fuzzy really fast.
I took it down after only 3 days. :(

We went to watch Uncle Will
play baseball!
The cheering section
My sister, Ben and baby Alice came to visit!
Baby boy loves baby Alice.
That's about it!

I made 2 gallons of babycakes today...
so go order some!!!
babycakes blog

Friday, April 15, 2011

April scent...Lavender!

Head on over to my babycakes blog to order your lavender scented babycakes!
April is half over already!
babycakes HERE

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's just dessert!

Once upon a time... 
there was a daddy.
And that daddy decided that
in honor of the children's first discovery of
"little tiny snakes"...
or earthworms as we call them...
we should have
"Worms in Dirt"
for dessert.

#6 was pleased... she loves chocolate
like her mommy.

Baby boy was pleased.
He loves anything chocolate
and anything that will smoosh
all over his face.

#5... well...She thought it was funny.
At first.

"Hee hee hee!!
It's funny!!"


"HA ha HA ha HAAAA!"
(Uhm... Houston? Stand by...) 

Houston, we have a problem.
Panic sets in.
Daddy comes to the rescue.


Daddy tries to get her to taste the
Yes, I think that's a gag-me face.

#5 still hysterical, #6 showing off her worm-eating skills.

"Look! I eat worm!!"

Baby boy showing off his
dramatic worm-eating skills.
And that is the story of the day we learned that our sweet #5 got at least one trait from her mommy...
(aside from my irrational fear of all things slimy)
laugh to try to keep from crying... and when that doesn't work... cry hysterically!
And because I know you are wondering...
she DID evenutally come around to the gummy worm idea.
Her big sister (#3) convinced her to try a small piece...
telling her it was "candy".
And then... she became a fan of
"cut up very tiny worms".
The End.

Monday, April 4, 2011

The cat story

After church on Sunday, we were relaxing on the back deck... watching the kids play... shouting safety warnings and commenting on what beautiful (albeit windy) weather we were having.

When suddenly, Paul looks over to the left and says ...
"How did that stuffed animal get way up in that tree?"
Then I say...
WAIT! It MOVED! That's a CAT!
(nothing gets by us.)
After several minutes of calling "heeere kitty, kitty, kitty!"
letting the kids see the cat way up in the tree,
and considering leaving it there and waiting for it to come down on it's own..
but then deciding it would be snatched up by a hawk or other predator...

Yeah. We decided to try to get the cat down.

Paul, who does not like cats, went and got his 20 foot extension ladder.

Which was just slightly too short.
Paul and the neighbor, Wayne, put some thought into whether the cat would jump onto Paul's head and attack him... or peacefully and thankfully climb into his arms and descend to safety.

Paul decided the ladder was a bad idea...
and we were almost going to go ask the other neighbor, Firefighter Adam, to go get his ladder truck...
but then Paul had an EVEN BETTER idea.

This is the point at which I decided that if the cat was ABLE to get himself out of that tree on his own, he certainly would have done so by now.
The cat begins to worry...

"What the Meow??"

Dear Webster... Put this in next to definition of "scaredy cat".

Always the mature, stable-minded of the crew...
Paul and Chrissy hysterical and unable to breathe...
while the kids warn Dad that he's about to chop the cat's leg off.

I was laughing so hard...
 I could NOT catch my breath and I was trying - through tears - to see the cat so we could catch him in our blanket/trampoline/safety net.

"What?? It works in cartoons!"

Then... the branch started to crackle..
the cat started to panic...

No... it's not a cat-kebab.
Then suddenly... Cat climbed down the falling branches and
JUMPED over my head, landed on his feet, and RAN.
But... he didn't take into account that we have 7 kids plus 2 neighbor kids visiting.
They caught him.
And I checked him out... he is fine.

We fed him anchovies, gave him some water,
discussed names...settled on "Steve".

And later that day... cat moved on.
We don't know if he will be back...
but we don't think he will be climbing any trees anytime soon.

***No cat was harmed in the making of this photo-story.