Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter fun!

I love Easter!
It may actually be my favorite holiday.
I cry EVERY. SINGLE. TIME I re-read the parallel gospel stories about the last days of Jesus.
I laugh when I read about the angel who came and rolled the stone away...and sat on it!
(it just makes me "I just rolled that giant stone all by myself...yes I did.")
I love shopping for the perfect Biblical-based gift for the kids...
this year devotional books, Christian-sports-star biography, and a comic-strip Bible.
I just love it!

This year we did the silk-dyeing egg thing (google it... I can't find the link I used! Sorry!).
It was fun and totally reminded me of the Easter story!
Plain, whit, unblemished eggs...
wrapped in cloths...
then they emerge even more beautiful than before!

Aren't they so pretty!! And no green-hands in the house!

We are pretty low-key about Easter, but we did an egg-hunt at my mom's house after lunch!

Church was great, the kids were great, lunch was awesome (as always), and we had a glorious day!

Happy 1st Easter, babies!

(**Only 1 Chocolate Bunny was eaten by the dog in the making of this Easter story.)

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