Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's just dessert!

Once upon a time... 
there was a daddy.
And that daddy decided that
in honor of the children's first discovery of
"little tiny snakes"...
or earthworms as we call them...
we should have
"Worms in Dirt"
for dessert.

#6 was pleased... she loves chocolate
like her mommy.

Baby boy was pleased.
He loves anything chocolate
and anything that will smoosh
all over his face.

#5... well...She thought it was funny.
At first.

"Hee hee hee!!
It's funny!!"


"HA ha HA ha HAAAA!"
(Uhm... Houston? Stand by...) 

Houston, we have a problem.
Panic sets in.
Daddy comes to the rescue.


Daddy tries to get her to taste the
Yes, I think that's a gag-me face.

#5 still hysterical, #6 showing off her worm-eating skills.

"Look! I eat worm!!"

Baby boy showing off his
dramatic worm-eating skills.
And that is the story of the day we learned that our sweet #5 got at least one trait from her mommy...
(aside from my irrational fear of all things slimy)
laugh to try to keep from crying... and when that doesn't work... cry hysterically!
And because I know you are wondering...
she DID evenutally come around to the gummy worm idea.
Her big sister (#3) convinced her to try a small piece...
telling her it was "candy".
And then... she became a fan of
"cut up very tiny worms".
The End.


  1. he he he he he ....loved that story!!!
    You should try kitty litter cake :)

  2. Thanks for making me smile today! Great story!

  3. Oh, this is hilarious! My friend Michelle (in our travel group) brought home her 6 y/o daughter, and she had the exact same reaction to the dirt in worms dessert - except they were in a restaurant and she screamed bloody murder and got up from the table and ran around the restaurant.

  4. that's funny. I came to say that you have to be careful that they don't pick up real worms and try to eat them now.

    Just the other day we were at a restaraunt and Judah (home almost a year now) got down from the table and started eating food off the floor. What??? Where does that come from 11 months later? I thought we had that habit kicked.

    Also laughing outloud at Shonda's comment cause we were in the same travel group and I know Michele and her daughter. That's hilarious!


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