Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Yeah, we are alive...

I know I haven't posted much...
we are all fine...
I just have computer issues.
Like...mine doesn't always work.
And it gives me no warning when it's going to just poop-out on me.
So... until I have time for something witty to say...

Yes, they are twins.

He really is cute, just like his daddy!

I just love this picture!

beautiful baby girl! (#6)
I made this super healthy carrot cake...
then the stupid dog ate it.

So then I made these healthy cupcakes.
And yeah...she ate those too.
I ALMOST learned to cornrow...!

But it got fuzzy really fast.
I took it down after only 3 days. :(

We went to watch Uncle Will
play baseball!
The cheering section
My sister, Ben and baby Alice came to visit!
Baby boy loves baby Alice.
That's about it!

I made 2 gallons of babycakes today...
so go order some!!!
babycakes blog


  1. I love reading your blog. I have to eat gluten free plus our middle daughter is adopting from Ethiopia we're super excited! God Bless You!

  2. He he he- love those pictures. I think you did really well with the hair. Sometimes...as a lot of things...practice.... I totally want to do corn rows, but mine don't look right to start with - yikes!

  3. You're fooling no one. I see you on facebook and I know you have something witty to say ;) Glad you're still alive though.

    I missed the boat on the peppermint baby cakes. Don't suppose you have any of that scent left for some very "special" friends?

  4. p.s. My word verification for my last comment here was "duckbar." Am I the only one with the 2nd grade sense of humor that finds this funny?


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