Monday, May 2, 2011

Random thoughts for a Monday

Sorry to not post often my bloggy friends!
I don't have an excuse except to say- computer still not acting nice, yucky weather draining my energy, and stuff going on in my heart that I am just not sure how to blog about.
Here are some snippets of our lives of late:

  • Last night we heard Osama bin Laden is dead. Condemnation of "celebratory Christians" runs rampant... never mind the obvious double-standard of condemning someone for judging.
  • Baby Boy has learned a new tactic to add to his arsenal. Now, when he's done something wrong he says the usual "I's abouts to cry!" but if that does not soften the heart of the correcting-parent, he throws in "I'm CUTE!" It's not the cute-factor getting him out of trouble... it's the laughter destroying any credibility as a parent.
  • One-year anniversary of our flood-yardsale-fundraiser. Wow... a year?? 
  • We've been home 9 months tomorrow! Amazing!
  • My babycakes hair and body butter is keeping me busy! May's scent-of-the-month is Orange! Yum.
  • Only 3 weeks till the last day of school! I can't believe how it's flown by!!
  • My baby boy may go to college in diapers. 
  • I'm considering taking the kids to the pool this summer wearing a tent. That way just seems easier. I'll call it "modesty".
  • Some days I just want to travel back to the Garden, grab Eve and SHAKE her.
  • It's been raining here for like 47 days. It gets sunny just long enough to mow the grass.
  • My heart hurts for so many children in the world with no family of their own. Physically hurts.
  • God blessed me with a wonderful husband who has a heart like mine. 
And... That's all I've got for now! Sorry... real writing to resume soon, I hope!


  1. scent! If I can get my act together before our boy comes home I'll be ordering some!

  2. With you on the Osama thing!

    And the physical hurt for children.....have that too....thankfully so does my hubby!!!

  3. i love you honey-you make me laugh-love the Eve shaking comment.


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