Friday, May 13, 2011

Photo journaling my day

I thought I would try a post to "show" you what a day-in-the-life-of-me really looks like...
so here goes!

5:30am. Too early to be awake...
but the new normal-
thanks to the littles.

"Holy toy explosion, batman!"
I will ignore it as
this playtime gives me time to
drink as much coffee as
possible before
they are all clamoring for food!

LOVE my new cookbook...
 LOVE the 6-week bran muffin recipe!

Looking good!



TV babysitter during Bible Study

More coffee, more Jesus.

Nap time...
get out all the hair stuff
so I am ready when the girls wake up.

Go move the pot-garden
 into the sun.

And the one who needed the
most sleep
woke up first. Perfect.

And so it begins.

An hour later...
Big and middle kids are home...
I am growing to hate Little Einsteins
but it is keeping #5 happy while
I detangle/part/braid repeat.

Another hour later.
Can't. Feel. Fingers.

#2, sweet baby girl...
asks to make dinner!
Yes! I will just keep braiding...

No photos of dinner, or bedtime routine...
or the finished hair-do...
but believe me that all of these things did happen!

DONE! Littles in bed,
fuzzy slippers  on,
Hubby home,
Dinner cleaned up,
Time for (DVR'ed) NCIS!

Then... bedtime for the bigger kids... then for me!

Yeah, this is fairly typical for the days we stay home...
minus the in-between stuff you DON'T have pictures of...
messes, spills, diaper changes, and the like!

It's not glamorous all the time, but it's my family!


  1. Hmmmmm....sounds familiar except the coffee...oh don't worry. I have a love for Mt. Dew, but I usually don't have one until later in the day :)

  2. wow a "pot garden" is it medicinal? hehehe

    Those hair routines scare me!!


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