Friday, January 8, 2010


Well, we didn't hear "no", but we didn't hear "yes" either.
Long story shortened, one lady out of the committee still feels that she has some unanswered questions and doesn't feel comfortable approving us. Everyone else was comfortable, just this one lady was not.
So... of course, she is going to be out of town for 2 weeks now - starting after work yesterday. Whatever.
Hopefully she is going on vacation. Or maybe she will travel to Ethiopia to visit the care center and see the faces of the kids who wait. I believe she may have forgotten her chief job description is to place children into their forever families.
So, we have two more weeks. Hopefully we can get our dossier almost all the way done by then, I would love it if it were totally done, but that's a tall order (especially since I still dont have the official file from Holt with the dossier requirements).
I have a snow day today, so maybe I can get something accomplished from home.
Thanks for the prayers, they are still greatly appreciated and needed.
I am going to contact Holt today and ask if they would consent to just putting my kids on "hold" until the next committee date since they "tabled" the discussion for two weeks.
Thanks everyone...
I guess advocating for my kids starts before they are even mine.


  1. I totally understand your frustration. THat stinks. Do you think that you'll have a chance to talk with the person who's against you? Maybe that would help.

  2. No - she is out of town until the day before the next committee date. I am a little nervous that she will get back in town, then will not want to talk about our case the very next day, or won't make time to talk to us or our social worker before the next day. Honestly, part of me wonders if they are just waiting until someone else is interested and wants to pursue them. As long as the other family would be totally better qualified than we are - I want them to have the best parents and family out there. Obviously, I can't imagine them being anywhere else... but I am just super confused at this point - not knowing what issue this one lady has with our paperwork, and not being able to find out any more information at all until the 20th.

  3. Do you still need the dossier list? Send me an email if you do. :)

  4. Oh sweet friend I'm so frustrated and praying for you! All I know right now is that God saw this time and that answer long before you knew those babies were yours. Therefore, I must trust that His ways and timing are impeccable and that this time of waiting will only increase your ability to trust God and lean on Him completely! Testing stinks, waiting stinks, trials stink, but the reward will be great and worth it! Stay faithful my friend (as I know you are)!! I absolutely LOVE how a Mommy knows her kids before she meets them! It's a beautiful picture of how our creator knew us before conception!! I'm praying!!!!

  5. We are adopting a little boy off the waiting child listing through Holt. The first time we saw him we both said, "he's the one". However, when we called we were told we weren't eligible because he was to close in age to one of our bio. children. We were told we could call again if he was still there in 3 months (SO long). We prayed, waited, believed that the social workers were really doing their best to do the best for the kids in their care, handed it over to God and made peace with the situation. 3 months later, we called, were considered & selected to adopt him. Do we wish we would have been able to proceed right away so that we would have him home 3 months earlier? Of course. But at some point we just surrendered the process to God, He knows just when and just who will join our family, and yours. I pray for peace for you in this roller coaster ride you are on right now.


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