Friday, January 22, 2010

The BEST picture I have seen this week...

This is the notation they put on the "Waiting Child Photo listing" photos once the children listed have been matched with a family! I can't post a picture of them, but they are SO stinking cute and I can't WAIT to get (hopefully) some updated photos that shows them looking like they feel a little better. 


  1. We adopted through the Waiting Child program and I remember when they changed our daughter's picture to this. What an amazing feeling!

    You don't know us, but we've been following your story through the blog and the forum. Our family is praying for yours as you prepare for the next amazing leg of your journey. We're excited for you!

  2. I saw that yesterday!!!! It gave me the goosebumps!!!

  3. WHOOOHOOOOO!!! So excited for your family and for these 3 precious ones who you so completely pursued. Congratulations!!


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