Monday, January 4, 2010

Social Worker...

Pretty sure I may want to adopt my home study social worker, too! She is AWESOME!
Look what I just got!!

"I will have a draft of the home study done tonight that I will e-mail either tonight or in the morning.  At this point I see no reason at all why I would not approve the home study for the J... family and strongly recommend their adoption of this sibling group.  It has been such a pleasure to work with them!  E..., I look forward to speaking with you."


  1. I'm so happy for you guys. I was "visiting" the WCP photolisting today and saw your kiddos and said a prayer for them, for you guys, for the process, and for the days when all this waiting and wondering is just a distant memory

  2. That is so wonderful...I'll be hoping and praying the next committee meeting brings great news!

  3. will pray sister ... what family left a comment about Ethiopia ??? was it my blog ?? I will try and find it ... blessings


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