Monday, January 18, 2010

Experience required.

I got an email this weekend from our home study social worker. She had spoken with the out-of-town social worker who is holding up the committee decision to allow us to adopt our sibling group.
She found out what the issue is.

Ready for this??

We have no adoption experience.


No matter that our in-laws have adopted a sibling group of three as well as a special-needs child.

No matter that we have friends and neighbors who have and are still adopting.

No matter that we have read SO MANY books on adoption, attachment, multi-racial families, etc...

Nope - that doesn't matter. We have never adopted before. Therefore, we can't possibly figure this out.

It's like having a degree from a university and applying for jobs but hearing "we really want someone with more experience".

And you know what's worse??

We can't argue with not having experience. We have NEVER adopted personally before.
That much IS true. However, we are parents and we KNOW Jesus put these kids in our lives for a reason and that they belong with us.

Still praying for Thursday.


  1. This is SO weird. I'm wondering if maybe the committee member is thinking of someone that maybe you remind her of that she didn't think would make a good parent? But still, all of the arrows are pointing in the right direction for you guys. I think you'll eventually get there. You have got a great social worker!!! :)

  2. I find that reasoning to be strange too. I think she's going to have a hard time finding a family with adoption experience who are open to adopting a sibling group of 3. It sounds like you have the perfect community/family to support your "learning" through this process. I hope your social worker is able to answer her questions and open her eyes to what a perfect family you will be for these siblings!

  3. keep your head up girlfriend. Non of us have adoption experience the first time!


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