Monday, January 11, 2010


ROUGH day, this Monday.
As if I am not side-tracked enough checking off days until the committee lady gets back in town, hubby goes out of town for a few days tomorrow morning (which is never fun), it was the first day back to school after our "snow" days off last week, and it's a Monday.
Walk into work, get fussed at because of an insurance claim we have pending has not yet been paid. Shortly after that, find out the water isn't working (not good under normal circumstances, especially detrimental in a medical office), shortly after that find out it's a frozen water main, after that we lose suction on the dental equipment (due to the water issue), I have to reschedule patients due to the water issue. Later that same day - the water turns back on, but we have no HOT water. Call the property management lady who sends the tech who discovers the heating element is burned out on our tank. Maintenance man wonders aloud if this is caused by the water outage... which sets off my boss/step-dad who then fusses at poor maintenance man. Maintenance man figures he opened a can of worms, I told him he was just the final straw of the day. Also had to deal with a particularly frustrating patient who thinks he should not have to pay full price for his services. At this rate, with the trouble he has been so far, he should pay double.

I miss my babies today and I wish we were farther along in this process. There is some safety in being approved to proceed - even if you are waiting for a court date. I don't know of many if any cases where a family has been denied the ability to adopt in ET once they get to court. I know there are delays, but you know it WILL happen - just a matter of timing. That is a different kind of waiting I think.

Putting on my "positive pants" as my sister calls them, I have a job working with my family whom I love. This job has allowed our family to pay off debt SUPER DUPER fast in order to be able to adopt. This job is paying for the adoption so far. I have not had many issues lately with getting to work on time and still getting the kids on the bus before I have to leave. Tomorrow will be the first day in a long time that I have to call a neighbor and have the younger two wait at her house for the bus so I can get to work early. I know that the process of adoption is difficult, but like the line in one of my favorite songs says, "what's worth the price is always worth the fight".

Praying for my bloggy friends today - ones who are waiting for court dates, ones who are waiting for referrals, ones who are like me - still in the paperwork jungle waiting to see the light of day!


  1. Yes, as an RDH I know we can't do squat without suction. Way to ruin my day. ;)

  2. Awww honey, I wish I could reach through my screen and give you a big, warm hug. I totally understand what you mean about "safety in being approved to proceed" will be there someday soon...thanks for your prayers...they go both ways, believe me!


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