Wednesday, January 13, 2010


A couple of years ago I helped with a ministry called Angel Missions Haiti. They bring babies and young children to the USA for life-saving medical treatment that is not available there in Haiti.

Of course, as you well know, last night there was a record-shattering earthquake in Haiti.

I just got my completed passport in the mail and I am trying to convince myself that immediately flying to Port Au Prince is not the answer to this problem.

I think of the babies... Joanice, Naphtalie and the others who we hosted and loved. They went home- back to their families who can provide love, food and shelter - - but there is no real medical care there.

I think of those with pending adoptions... personally LOVING their children in a tragedy-stricken country with no way to find out if they are ok this morning. No way to pick up the phone and just call - the phone lines are down and what do work are overrun. Internet is unreliable. And I think *I* just want to fly down there and check on babies!! I cannot imagine being in their shoes

I think of the mothers. Mothers of the children of Haiti who want to get their children help, but there is no hospital or doctors office anywhere near by.

We are so blessed here - in the USA.

Here I sit in my nice, heated home - children off to school or still sleeping in their beds, food in the fridge, pantry and the two freezers in the garage. It's almost disgusting.

Please continue to pray - especially for those who are pending adoptions. The airport is closed, the National Palace collapsed, government buildings have collapsed, the St. Joseph's Boys home has collapsed. My heart just breaks for those waiting on word from someone who can shed some light on the status of their loved ones. Please continue to pray for the adoptive families in the next few months. Their paperwork, their progress and process.... all will be unknowns in the next few months.

Lord, be with them all.


  1. I keep praying for Haiti this morning as well. It's just so sad that for a country already mired with so many problems that now there is this. I hope it mobilizes tons of humanitarian aid and awareness that leads to action!

  2. It is so terrible...I can't even find the words. Like you said...I too sometimes feel disgusted with how "comfy" our lives are here, especially when devastation strikes a place that already has so little to begin with.


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