Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Tiny little world view: 
Overheard today while eating ice cream...
Sam: "My baby brother is going to say "Hola Amigo!" when he sees me..."
Olivia: "No... it will be "HOLA Amigas!" (accent on the HOLA...)
Me: "Um, guys... they don't speak Spanish in Ethiopia."
Them : "oh."

We had our final two visits today for our home study!! WOOHOO!!
Paul had his individual interview and we had our home visit where she toured our home and talked to the kids. We had to count smoke detectors. If you have never done that, I highly recommend counting your smoke detectors - you know, just for fun.
We also had to make sure we had a fire extinguisher in the home. I thought we did... I was wrong - it was a butane torch. NOT the same thing. Paul went to buy two extinguishers.
I scrubbed bathrooms - she didn't visit them or even really look inside very well.
I thought for SURE she would check for ring-around-the-tub.

Our oldest thought she was coming to approve our home in some sick "Super Nanny" style. He was afraid she was going to be British and throw away his video games.

We all survived... we may have even enjoyed having her visit! I really didn't stress too badly... however, you might get a different opinion if you asked someone else! ;)

One week from tomorrow is the next committee date.
I was looking at our kids' pictures today and thinking how much I would love to squeeze them and tell them how hard we are working to bring them home quickly!! A home study---paperwork, visits and interviews in 2 weeks?? Insanity. I have read three adoption books in the past three weeks... absorbing them like a Sham Wow. I want the committee members to know how hard we have worked and how many hoops we have jumped through... so we are writing a letter. They may not read it, but at least they will have it for presenting as a part of who our family is.

I was reading today that the founders of Holt International were one of the pioneering families in international adoption. They had 6 bio kids when they adopted 8 (EIGHT) kids from Korea *AT ONE TIME*. Hmmm.... interesting, they didn't think they would be "overwhelmed" and just say "no". One quotation from the story on the Holt website says, "Their example proved that a family’s love can transcend the barriers of nationality and race, that love and commitment are the most important bonds in a family." 
I love that quotation! The line, "love and commitment are the most important bonds in a family"...if they only knew how strongly and deeply I believe that statement to be true!! 

I am SUPER excited for 2010! (Slightly disappointed that we don't have flying cars yet... weren't we supposed to have flying cars?? I remember writing essays about "What will life be like in 2010?" in school! WHEW!)
I really hope 2010 is the year we bring our kids home and that we are able to inspire other families to get off of the adoption fence and expand their own families! 

I can't wait to see what the new year holds!


  1. I think your letter is a great idea. I can't imagine hearing "no" after looking at and dreaming about Little Miss' picture for so long. We'll be praying for you.

  2. Just found your blog and really laughed so hard. My kids had the same idea of the "super-nanny" social worker. Our visits were so laid back. She didn't even go upstairs and look into our kid's rooms. I was a bit disappointed and relieved. We currently have 3 bio kids (15 months to 6 years) and our baby in ET is a 6 month-old boy. Maybe we will be in the same travel group?

  3. I am still constantly amazed at how quickly things move in the ET program!!!

  4. Chrissy!

    I'm Lisa, from the Holt know, the big long "my thoughts on waiting children" post....I wanted to tell you directly that I'll be praying for God's best as this meeting comes up...I've thought of you often and wondered if I'd missed hearing the 2nd result. I TRULY didn't meant to discourage you in ANY way, but more to be saying, "Girl, if think you want this, THIS is what I think it could really be like, and THIS is what I think Holt wants to hear, so think about it long and hard and if Jesus says this is for you, then let them know you know what you're talking about and that you're COMMITTED! :o) It would excite me so much to see these little ones placed with you, to know that they'll be introduced to Jesus! I'll be hoping, hoping Holt says a big fat "YES!" to you!




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