Wednesday, December 16, 2009

18 hours...

So all those who have gone before me, and all those farther ahead of me in this adoption process...
They are laughing at me right now!
That's ok...
Because in a few hours a group of women will gather to discuss the options for some children who wait in an orphanage. They will discuss our family as though they know us. They will talk about our ability to be parents.

They will try to make the best possible decision for three babies I hope to call my own.

If they do not choose us, I have faith that there is somewhere out there a family who will be better suited to care for them. Some other Mommy will be waiting to to kiss those cheeks and wipe noses and tears.

If they do choose us, this will be a day to circle on the calendar for the rest of our lives! This will be the day that I can say WE were chosen! We were deemed the best choice for this group of children! This will be the moment I will remember, that moment that will help get me through the next several months of paperwork, postage and patience. I will have faces to put with my waiting! I will beg families who travel for some tiny piece of information and for a moment of their precious time to give my three a hug and whisper "Mommy and Daddy are coming for you!" This is the beginning.

Regardless... it's a big day for us as a family!
I hope I do not have false confidence... but I do feel confident that we will be chosen.
I will be so depressed (and embarrassed) if we are not chosen.
Please pray for that meeting - for wisdom and discernment and most of all - faith in us as a family of 9!


  1. Just saw your kiddos pictures on the WIC super sweet!! Best wishes for a sucessful committe tomorrow! I thought it was so amazing that our good God could be in an Ethiopian care center with my baby, with me at work and 'in' committee all at the same time, executing HIS plan to build a family. Thursday, December 17 could be a BIG day!!!

  2. Thank you Julie! That's a really cool thought! I appreciate it! Best wishes for the 29th for you!

  3. This time I made it tear-free until the "Mommy and Daddy are coming for you!" comment. I can't wait to hear how it goes today!!


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