It's been 11 days since my last post and quite a bit has happened!
We are still compiling paperwork for the home study, we have two of our 4 rec. letters in our hands now and my still-need-to-gather list is getting shorter and shorter!

We were scheduled to have our home visit this coming Friday, but hubby decided that it would be best to wait until January. It's going to be ok. It's just a month. I will not pout, whine and stomp my feet with disgust and frustration at the delay. I won't.

I spent a lot of time this past month on my Facebook page using my status update each day as a way to talk about something I am thankful for. Today, it is December and my thankful spirit seems to have disappeared with the home study appointment. I know in the grand scheme of things it isn't a big set-back, but it feels like it right now. I just want to be "official" in some way.

Further frustrating is my new information that our agency is quoting up to TWO YEARS for a referral of a sibling group! WHAT? 2 years?? I know there is never any guarantee about how short or how long your wait will be, but that seems/feels super long. I have yet to actually speak with the program coordinator for the ET program with our current agency. Maybe they are busy putting together referrals for the people who have been waiting almost a year already and just can't get to our welcome phone call.

On a happier note...
We went to visit Hubby's family for Thanksgiving - - 16 hours (each way) in the car is interesting. The visit was nice - his whole family was able to be there which made 22 people for Thanksgiving dinner! That's a loooong table! It was fun to have all the kids together. With our 4, there are 9 grandchildren all running around crazy through the house! Thankfully, his mom saved a lot of toys and makes a point of buying new ones at yard sales throughout the year!

So... 4 days, 2 hotels, 4 restaurants, 6 tanks of gas, countless "how much longer"'s, and 2000 miles later... we are back home for the rest of the holidays!