Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas photos!

I am not sure how I feel yet about putting pictures of our kids online, so these are pics of my family... minus my kiddos (for now).
Christmas was good... crazy busy... but good! I think if anything, it helped keep my mind off of the number of days until our next committee meeting at Holt!! (10 days)

Christmas Eve we went up to my dad's house for brunch with that side of the family. My grandmother was there and we got lots of pictures together since there are VERY few in existence of the whole family together!

 After eating and opening gifts, we drove to my Mom's house for "Christmas, part deux". My hubby cooked quite a bit in both locations (since he is an amazing chef and loves to cook for friends and family!).

This is him butchering the Christmas Goose. This was the first year for goose... have not decided if it is one of my favorites yet or not.

Christmas Day we woke up around 7:30 to our youngest, Sam, announcing that he had been downstairs already and Santa had indeed visited our house! He took care of waking up the other 3 kids (amazingly easy to do on Christmas morning!!) while I poured our coffee (which I had the forethought to set to brew ahead of time!). We opened gifts and played for a bit, then got dressed and headed back to my Mom's house for the Christmas Day festivities which include the (newly) traditional Seafood Stew made by my hubby and step-dad. It's WONDERFUL and this is the third year in a row that we have had it! It's my favorite and I definitely look forward to that on Christmas Day!

My sister and her hubby are here from Colorado Springs for the week! She is pregnant with their 1st baby - Alice - who is due in early March! It is so much fun to see the baby moving, feel her tummy, and just hang out with my sister! We don't get to see each other very often since we live so far apart, so this has been quite a treat!

The kids got a Wii this year for Christmas from my Mom and we have been having lots of fun playing bowling, boxing, tennis and Band Hero! I gotta say... I am QUITE the rock star (on "easy") on the guitar! It's great to have a video game that the whole family can play and enjoy together!

On the adoption front, we have 10 days till committee, part two.
We have the formal application with Holt signed and notarized, just need to mail it in tomorrow and call them with payment over the phone.
Home study visits are half-way done... we have one last visit (two birds with one stone) for Paul's individual interview and our home visit. I am not stressing out over the home visit. I really like our social worker - she is just such a sweet lady and seems very approachable. She says she really isn't coming to inspect our house cleaning skills, so I am going to try REALLY hard to control myself and not stay up all night before her appointment organizing closets and scrubbing baseboards. I. Will. Not. Go. Crazy.

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  1. Praying for your HS to come together, and the next committee meeting.


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