Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Update and thanks...

To all my sweet bloggy friends who have been checking in and sending emails... thank you.
Your support means SO much to me right now!
I wanted to send a quick update and let you know where we are in this process!

After the discouraging day last Thursday, I spoke with the social worker again at Holt.
She said that the only reason they did not approve us is that they felt we would be "overwhelmed" with three additional children. They would have approved us for two, but they felt three was just too much.
We, obviously, disagree. I told our Holt rep that we want to try again at the next committee date, which due to Christmas and New Years will not be until January 7th. The good news/bad news story on that is we have nearly 3 full weeks to get our home study completed and our application notarized and sent into Holt. The bad news is that in that time, another family or several can also request their information and we would be going to committee with other families who they may feel are better suited to be their parents.

In my heart I know that it will be ok. If they choose to deny us again, there will be another sibling group who will fit well with our family. I really feel in my heart that these three are meant for us, and I pray that the committee sees that as well. Our social worker here is accommodating our need to get our home study done quickly and is working with us over the holidays! We should be completely paperwork ready by that 1/7 committee date.

Anyway... prayers MUCH appreciated that the Lord would soften the hearts of those at committee towards our family and our desire to parent these three kiddos! I would also selfishly like to pray that somehow we would be the only family wanting them at that committee... but I also want whatever His will is for our lives.

Blessings for a wonderful Christmas!!

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