Thursday, December 17, 2009


We are not approved.
Our social worker at Holt is "surprised".... I am... well, devistated.
I can't imagine that it would be BETTER for these three to wait in an orphanage for someone else...
than to be promised to us.

They said they were concerned that it would be too much for us.

They are changing their qualifications to say that the adoptive family has either NO other young children in the home or that they have adopted before.

Because, you know... families who have adopted BEFORE are just better parents.


  1. We were asked by a friend of a friend to get custody of two siblings this summer....they would have 'messed up' the birth order in our home. I really had to twist some arms with their case worker to even begin to discuss the option with us. I couldn't even begin to understand why she would take them and plop them in a foster home when we were stepping forward. In the end I had to go with my gut though and just wait...we wouldn't have been the right family for them. I cried, but now I am glad they have their forever families...funny thing is, they both wound up here in the same town as us. :)

  2. So sorry Chrissy. Wish I knew what to say.

  3. Oh Crissy, I am so sorry. Mabye once your homestudy is done they will take a second look? I know you must be so sad....

  4. So sorry for your sad news today :( Praying for you as you follow God's leading to consider still pursuing these kiddos. God has a plan for them, and for you guys. At least we always can remember that we can rest in Him, even though we may not always "see" what He is doing in situations.

  5. man, that stinks. I know they have their reasons but I wish they would better explain them to people like us!

  6. Chrissy, just wanting to check on you today and see how things are going...


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