Monday, December 14, 2009

Phone Interview

Adoption is WAY different than pregnancy.
Harder in a LOT of ways.
Tonight, I had 30 minutes to impress and otherwise convince a lady I have never met that we would be the perfect family for our sibling group waiting in Ethiopia.
Thirty Minutes.
Then, Paul had thirty minutes... but in true Paul-style, only used about 15 of his minutes! (Had I known, I would have offered to fill up 45!!)
The questions were basically what I expected...
"That's a LOT of kids..."
Well, we don't feel overwhelmed by the number.
"How will you handle those tough mommy days?"
Well, seeing as how I have been a mommy having random tough days for 13 years now... (seriously, I said... "I drink a lot of coffee, take bubble baths, and call my friends to unload.")
And basically she just wanted to know about our current kiddos. How will they adjust, how will they adapt to not getting any attention for awhile, which one will have the hardest time adjusting, etc.

Then she said that she will represent us at committee this coming Thursday and that they should be done around 1pm Pacific time. (That's between 11-3pm for prayers in the Central zone!) I have confidence that the Lord is working all of this out for us, but still that apprehension that comes from living in a fallen world, full of fallen people, making decisions that affect my life one way or another.

Sweet Jesus, please guide the hearts, minds and discussion of these ladies who hold my babies in their hands. Help them to KNOW that they KNOW that our family is perfect for them! Watch over the babies as they wake up soon... send someone their way to give them hugs, kiss their cheeks and allow them to have good food to eat today. Would you somehow wrap them in my love and let them know that somewhere out there, there is a family longing to bring them home? Thank you for working out the details, and for caring about the tiniest things. We love you, Lord.


  1. We've been through committee with Holt for our son as well, so I know the waiting is hard. God's blessing on you and the little ones waiting!

  2. Thank you Brenna!! Your son is adorable!

  3. I held it together until the "good food to eat today" part. That's when I started to cry. I blame the extra estrogen. :)

    What wonderful news!! I love you, Chris!

  4. I remember waiting for my post committee call....It was a long morning but a fantastic afternoon!!Praying that those three kiddos find their forever family on Thursday!!! Cant wait to celebrate the results....

  5. I swept the floor before our interview, :)


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