Friday, December 11, 2009

You found me on blogger!

Posted by Chrissy on Friday, December 11, 2009
Moving my blog over to blogger instead of yola. It was just harder to use and didn't have the features I wanted.
As of today, we have informed all of our family of our decision to adopt, so I am no longer hiding my identity!
IF my family is here... Hi! Please take some time to read back a bit and catch up on some of my thoughts and my heart on this adoption! Please don't feel left out... the things I post here aren't actually read by anyone! ;)

We found out yesterday that as of the time our sibling group went "on hold for committee" we were the only family interested in them! One step closer to ours! I was worried about perhaps needing to go to committee and being presented by someone else as a possible family for them, and not having much control over the decision. I suppose they could still just choose not to choose us and put them back on the wait list, which would be horrible, but I suppose it could happen.

We should go to committee next Thursday, Dec. 17th.
I am waiting for an email back from Holt to find out if they will work with the homestudy people we are already in process with, otherwise, I am afraid our date may be later on the homestudy due to needing to apply, get different paperwork ready, and schedule an appointment.

Have I mentioned how much I HATE waiting for other people?? Really REALLY hate it.
More updates hopefully to come!


  1. Blogger is better. :)

    Great news about the committee meeting! I look forward to hearing more next week!

  2. So excited about the forward motion and we'll continue to pray that this is all done quickly so those babies can come home!! So proud of you guys and LOVE that we have more "weirdo's" to hang with!!! Love you both dearly and are behind you 100%!!


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