Saturday, December 12, 2009

The best idea EVER…

Last night we went to a party for our friends, The Clark's, who are literally selling EVERYthing and moving to Bangkok to be missionaries. ( kids all have upcoming birthdays (three kiddos) and so they had a group party at this cool place- Jump Zone.

Let me tell you… this is the BEST idea EVER!

The adults got to hang out and talk, catch up on stuff, and laugh together while the kids just ran, climbed, jumped, played and otherwise wore themselves out for a few hours!

I think it would be acceptable to have a standing once a month Friday night bounce party just to have adult social time!

Of course, it's not free…

The kids all had a blast though and were completely worn out when we got home.

Beth even had this REALLY awesome balloon guy come do hats and animals for the kids! Seriously – I have NEVER seen a better balloon guy. If you happen to be reading this, are in the greater Nashville area, and are in the market for a cool balloon guy (even my 13 year old thought he was awesome – now, THAT is saying something!)… His website is .

My friend Heidi was there last night with some of her (9) kids. I got to play with their youngest son who is 3 – from nearby to the same area our potential sibling group is from! (Can I just say I am tired of trying to figure out ways to say "my babies" without claiming them as my own yet?? I will just be completely crushed if we don't get approved at committee!!) I had fun playing with him and imagining what our new kiddos will be like. This little boy has the GREATEST smile! His whole face lights up and he has the cutest cheeks!!

So… they were all exhausted and slept really well (and late)!

Today – cleaning the house, trying to figure out where to put the Christmas stuff (no, we have not decorated yet), and laundry!

Better get started… yuck.

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  1. Just linked to your blog via the holt Et yahoo group. It's been great to read a little about your process. I love seeing how God works out the details of things.

    I have been through a WC interview and would love to answer any questions that you might have. You can email me tam4buit at hotmail if you'd like.

    I also love your blog name. Chocolate gravy was my favorite breakfast meal that my grandma would make for me. It's not something that my friends here in Iowa or growing up in CA had ever heard of before. Love it!


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