Monday, November 7, 2011

30 Days of Thanks: Day 7

Thankful for my wonderful siblings!
I have five...
and then five more through marriage!
My sister Melissa takes gorgeous photos
and blogs her life HERE
Isn't she beautiful!?
There are these sisters too:

Okay, so one of them is my only Brother.
He plays Major League Baseball.
Ha!! Love you, Will...
They are all grown up now... but that is still how I picture them. 
I'm the oldest, you know. 
They will probably always be those ages...
until they are married and have their own kids...
then MAYBE.
We will see.

I have another sister who doesn't have pictures online...
but I'm thankful for her too!

It's a funny thing to be the oldest sister.
I have this protective-parent kind of perspective...
watching them grow up,
being proud of their achievements,
proud of their personalities,
proud of their choices.
I think it helped prepare me for being a Mommy.

So, for my little brother and sisters...
I'm SO proud of you all!
Melissa... you are a GREAT wife and mommy! 
I love your gorgeous smile and laugh!
I also love your sense of humor and 
your dedication to making your home a beautiful place to be! 
I wish you would fly here and make my house pretty! :) 
Cass...I see you every day in Sam! :) 
I love your heart! 
You make me laugh when you tell old stories and 
I'm so thankful that you love all of my kiddos!
Will... You've been a great role-model for my boys and a wonderful Uncle, 
even if you did get a really early start!! So proud of your dedication 
and I can't wait to watch you walk out on the field in the MLB!
Gigi... Gorgeous baby sister... you are such a strong person and 
I'm so impressed with you for working hard and 
not letting anything get you down! 
You are brave and tough, 
but I've seen your heart turn to mush and I love that part too! 
Grace...Beautiful are growing up so fast! 
You are so smart and independent and I just know you are going to do great things some day! 


  1. The picture of your brother totally cracked me up!


  2. Will is going to love you posting that picture of him!! Great post today!

  3. I love this! I'm so thankful for you as well!
    I love you, big sister!


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