Tuesday, November 15, 2011

30 Days of Thanks: Day 15

I'm thankful for Moby.

Maybe you don't know Moby...

He's our big white van.

How's THAT picture for a little perspective?!?? 

Moby may not be the shiniest giant van on the block...
or the newest...
or the prettiest...
but he fits our WHOLE family,
those home now,
and those who will be coming home hopefully soon!

Moby recently needed to see the doctor...
and he got new tires too!
So hopefully Moby is ready
for a long road trip!!

Thankful that we have paid-for vehicles,
and especially for Moby,
so we can all travel together!!


  1. I LOVE reading your thankfulness posts!!!!!!

    Hmmm....bummed we still need a good name for our huge 15 passenger- any ideas? It is silver :)

  2. I'm still pretty disappointed I didn't get to meet Moby. Maybe next time ...

  3. Let's see if Moby can make it out to Colorado!

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