Thursday, November 17, 2011

30 Days of Thanks: Day 17

Day 17...
I'm tired.
I just spent the past 4 hours going through bags and bags and bags of stuff in the attic,
sorting it by boy/girl,
pulling out the boys smaller-than-2T clothes for a family in need,
and decided...
I could clothe a small elementary school!!"

I'm blessed to not have to go major shopping for 7 (or 12) children at the start of every season.
I'm blessed to have friends and neighbors who give me bags
of stuff their kids outgrew that my kids think is AWESOME!
It's like Christmas day around here when I come home 
with garbage bags full of  "cleaned out my closets"

I wish I was more organized...
I wish The Container Store would show up
with a bull horn
and announce that they are coming to organize my life
into cute polka dot bins
with printed labels
on nice clean stainless steel shelves...

But until then,
I have a "Boys" label, 
a "Girls" label,
and two GIGANTIC piles of mostly sorted
bags of clothes underneath.

And I am thankful to know I don't have to go to a mall 
ANYtime soon.

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  1. He he he......totally understand that!!!! We sorted after the move because I used most of our clothing to protect breakables! It worked great, but it was a lot of resorting. And just never know when more children are coming around here :) so we keep it. Although we have several times given a lot away- saying the Lord will provide more....and HE is ALWAYS FAITHFUL in that!


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