Sunday, November 13, 2011

30 Days of Thanks: Day 13

Day 13: Thankful for a great turnout yesterday at the Holiday Market where I had a booth!

We were fundraising for the adoption travel and sold babycakes 
along with jars of homemade Pumpkin Spice Syrup 
(for coffee or tea, or drizzling over whatever you like!) 
and fresh, hot cups of Pumpkin Spice Cafe au Lait that I made, 
with double chocolate chip biscotti... 
AND we had some Advent devotionals for sale too! 

I met some really great people, got to share about our adoption story, 
and sold a TON of stuff!! 
After expenses, I think we have about enough for one of the plane tickets!! 

I got the sweetest card from a wonderful woman who I met a couple of years ago. 
She knew I would be there and she had written the sweetest note 
and gave us a very generous donation towards our adoption! 
I mean, how blessed are we?!?  
So many people look at us like we were crazy, 
but the ones that truly "get it", they just bless my heart so much. 
This wonderful woman REALLY gets it, and so does her family! 
I am so thankful for you all. Thank you for loving our kiddos home! 


  1. i "get it" and still think its crazy! But in a wonderfully good way. My husband's heart is barely turnable to accept another child, yet in my heart i would be jumping at a sibling i am in awe ....and still think its crazy :) I cant wait for progression with your case and hope that the red-tape hurricane that is now descending on Ethiopia will not be in your way :)

  2. I get it too and I think you are crazy as well. LOL! Totally with Autumn. :) I can't wait to meet the new Jensens. BTW, I don't think i have told you yet but Burke and I will be starting the process to become foster parents after Christmas. You have been an inspiration to us.

  3. PRAISE GOD for provision!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And for such wonderful support!!!!

    I totally get it and LOVE IT!!!!


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