Thursday, November 10, 2011

30 Days of Thanks: Day 10

Day 10
I'm thankful for my husband's job.

Yeah, he travels quite a bit,
and his crackberry is practically part of his hand,
but we pay our bills (mostly) on time,
we have food in the fridge,
and in the pantry,
and on the counter,
and in the couch cushions for that matter.

The lights are on,
I slept with my electric throw 
keeping me toasty last night,
my kids took showers this morning,
we have a nice home that keeps us safe and dry,
and two paid-for cars to drive around, 
one of which has seats waiting for our newest 5!
With gas in the tanks, too!

We live within our means,
don't need to rely on credit cards 
(which is good since we don't have any!!)
and have many things that we want, not just NEED.

His job has him doing what he loves to do,
working with some really great people,
and they really love him too!

We are thankful that he has this job, 
especially when so many people 
aren't doing what they love
or working in their field.

I love you, honey!


  1. A very real reminder of how fortunate we are. Thank you!



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