Wednesday, May 26, 2010

There. I said it.

Life isn't fair.
I tell my kids this all the time.
Like practically every day.
"But!! That's NOT FAIR!!"
"Life isn't fair. Whoever told you it is... they lied to you."

I spoke with the Ethiopia program director this morning.
She confirmed what I had heard.
All of the June Visa dates are full.
30 appointments.
This means, 
IF we pass court on June 1..
the soonest we could travel is for the 
July 13th Visa Appointments.
This would put us on a plane around July 8th.

I am not holding my breath.

If this process has taught me ANYTHING it's that
you can't HOPE.
You can only wait.
If I find myself hoping to travel mid-July...
I will be crushed when those travel dates fill up and
we aren't on the list.

At this point, I just pray we get there before August.

The back-to-school rush will be upon us at that time 
and all 4 school aged kids are starting new schools
this year. Brand New. Like, they don't have a parking lot yet.
So there will be meetings, paperwork, and I will once again 
create an Excel Spreadsheet to organize the lists of required 
school supplies for 4 kids and their teachers. 
Then they will go to school and teachers will 
add to my list once I am done shopping. 

So we wait.
And then we wait some more.
And it stinks.
And I hate it.
I am tired of waiting.
I want to be able to DO something.
Something to take care of my three babies.
It's not fair.
And I should have known it wouldn't be.


  1. I find out so much more from blogs and forums than I do from Holt. LOL. We are in the same situation as you, I guess. Our second court date is June 4th so obviously we would be put on the same travel group as you, or after. Thankfully we've been telling people (and ourselves, though of course we don't want to believe it) that our son will probably be home in July or August, so this will not be a surprise to them. But still. It sucks. I want him HOME.

  2. Delays are sooo hard. Wish I could fix it for you. Praying for a PASS on the 1st!

  3. Wow your ticker is doing good over there!!! Way to go!

  4. Great post, Chrissy. I agree that it stinks. I never knew I had such control issues until we adopted. ;) Every time I was SURE that our baby would be home for Christmas or for someone's birthday or by a certain didn't happen. Every time I thought that something was a sure thing, it fell apart. When it came to adoption, weeks felt like years.

    After the fact, it was easy for me to say that it *did* happen and it happened exactly the way that it was meant to happen.

    But I still hated the waiting!

    Praying for you guys...


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