Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Not in a panic.

Hee Hee Ha Ha Hooooooo!!!
Seems that WITH the news of the 
fabutastic court date
comes news that the 
remainder of our fees are due!

In full.

Like Now.

THIS is the part of adoption NO ONE talks about.
The money.
It's a lot.
Not as much as some countries...
but more than it cost us to birth our first four.

... for like a month.

you know what?
I would trade it all 
for the chance to get my first hugs.
First kisses.
First "I love you".

The money?

Yeah, we are a little short.
But hey...
we have 2 days before I have to mail it!

This I know...
I have seen it before...
He moves mountains.
BIG mountains.
And He will move our mountain, too.

(*corrected to say - I don't mean 
to compare the adoption of our 
kids to a "purchase", but sometimes 
it is helpful to "see" how big 
the ransom is for our three 
kids. Our agency is awesome, 
the fees are appropriate 
and not at all out of line... 
but it's just a lot.)


  1. The cars depreciate in value, the memories of vacation fade, but the child is forever. :)

  2. Tomorrow IS the National Day of Prayer. I'll be praying for your mountain, for sure! I love you guys!

  3. You know I TOTALLY understand!!! This had me laughing AND saying "Amen!"

    It's scary, but God is SOOOO much bigger than these fees!!!!

    Rowing in the same boat (that God is carrying)....

  4. You know what my "word verification" was....hapiely :)


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