Sunday, May 2, 2010

May Day Flood 2010

You may have seen the news today...
or yesterday...
enough to know that all of Tennessee and neighboring states have been hit with what they are calling
The May Day Flood of 2010!
(Dun, dun, DUN...)

It is also known in our home as...

Adoption Fundraiser Yard Sale/ May Day Flood 2010!

Yes... that's right... we had our sale anyway.

We thought it over, watched the radar maps, and decided to play the odds.
The odds were...
40% chance of scattered thunderstorms before 10am...
60% chance from 10-noon...
and 80% chance after noon.

That translates to:
7am... no rain.

By 8am...

Can I interest anyone in some baby clothes? They are super cute...
I just need to lift up the tarps temporarily...

Yes... you do see people still driving up to shop.
I know.
But then again, they were shopping because we were out selling stuff!
Tornado warnings, Flash Flood warnings, Thunderstorm warnings, VERY close lightening...

This is me saying... "if it would just move north THIIIS much... "
And still we sat and waited.

Then we started to think...
This is par for the course with us!
So why did we expect different?
We know that stuff like this happens.
The day we moved from St. Louis to PA we had the biggest snow storm to hit that area in YEARS.
The UHaul got stuck in a snow bank.
So of COURSE the 100 year flood plains would be flooding on our yard sale day!

And no...
We weren't fighting or at each other's throats.
We have been married 15 years now and we know...
You can't just let it get to you and sit around being all...

You have to find something to smile about.
Things are sometimes just out of your control...
but, hey...
That's life!

And life is still VERY, very good.

So, we wait.
We will drag it all out again next weekend...
and try again.

UNLESS there is the slightest hint of rain.

Or the humidity is high.

Or someone is running their sprinkler.

Because we want to avoid this

at all costs!

Even if it does end like this:


  1. I love the kissy picture! Oh, the love you have for your kiddos! :) It rained like crazy on ours too and we had to keep covering it with tarps and get the neighbors over the help...we were all drenched. :) Hugs!


  2. Oh, what a weekend for a yard sale! Most rainfall in 30 years, I think?

  3. Oh Chrissy, you have the best sense of humor! What a great attitude. This will continue to make a great story for years to come. Here's to hoping next Saturday is sunny!


  4. This was great. :) I'm guessing you were able to shrug it off because you have a court date? :) Kidding...

    Next weekend will be perfect, I can feel it!

  5. I'm so impressed with your should have joined your son at the baseball game (he's a cutie). Best of luck next weekend!

  6. You guys look so sweet. :)

    Good luck next time, I know it will be great!!!


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