Monday, May 10, 2010

List making

I like to think I can make "mental lists".
Or make a "mental note to self".

Who am I kidding?
I can't remember stuff I physically write on my palm!
I need to make lists.
Lots of them.
And post them in several places.
Things I still need to do...
Things I still need to purchase...
Things I still need to think about...
Things I have not thought about but that 
I think I may need to consider thinking about...
You get the idea.

In the spirit of anti-procrastination...

THINGS I NEED TO PURCHASE (or otherwise acquire)
Car Seats x 3 
(since our babies are all under 25lbs)
Tooth brushes
Travel toiletry bottles
pull-ups in assorted sizes
baby wipes
protein bars
electrolyte single-serve things
gluten free treats for mom
some kind of shoe solution for 3 kids of unknown shoe sizes
OTC meds
small travel pillows
girls clothes that will fit any where from a 2T-4T
diaper disposal baggies
stickers, punch balloons, etc
gifts for the kids at home while we are gone

That's the start of my list!

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  1. hey there. we need to chat. i can help you out with some of these things... especially the pedialyte stuff. I took them and never used it. The shoes thing you can use sandles with straps on the back and they'll work a little big or small. Socks help fill the open space.Gifts for kids... I wrote mine letters that talked a little about what we were doing each day and had pics in them. I can send it to you if you want to fine-tune it to your kids. hmmm, what else was there???


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