Saturday, May 8, 2010


I can easily lose my perspective.
Some people are "The glass is half full" people...
some are "the glass is half empty" people...
some people wait and find out if you are 
drinking or pouring to make that determination.
I would be the third type of person.
I tend to let my situation determine my perspective
instead of finding good perspective to color my situation.

I try to catch this when it happens.

We didn't do our yard sale today.
Pretty sure EVERYONE else in our town did.

I know we made the right choice.
I needed to go through our stuff, see what could be saved,
what needed work or help, and what needs to be tossed.

Finding my good perspective:
I sorted, tossed, cleaned and loaded an entire 
mini-van full of clothes for the flood victims. 
And I made $60 from a friend of 
Paul's who stopped by to shop!
Paul went to help flood victims and
our day turned into an opportunity to love others, 
enjoy this beautiful day, and spend some time relaxing.

Mother's Day.
All my babies aren't home yet.
I am struggling with this one.
I really WANT to be all together.
I can't do anything to make it go faster...
so I wait.
My babies won't be with their mom tomorrow.
I miss them very much.
My best try at changing my perspective:
Next Mother's Day will be even sweeter.

I have a friend who is struggling.
It's been a hard week for her.
I have no way to help her physically...
but I can pray for her.
I wish I was able to go give her a hug...
but she lives far away.
I want to be able to DO something more.
But I pray.
The it's-not-about-me perspective:
Her Heavenly Father loves her even more than I do 
and HE is able to care for her better than I could ever do. 
He can be her comforter, her protector, 
and her source of strength in the middle
of the storm. And she has a 
wonderful husband who loves her
and will help get them through this too.

Court date coming
As much as I tell myself I am not going to bank on
passing the first time, it's SUPER hard not to be expectant.
I would SO love for ONE thing in our process to 
go through easily!!
3 Committee dates...
USCIS problems and delays...
flood on our fundraiser day...
I feel like being able to pass court the first day is
somewhat out of character for our process...
but it SURE would be nice!!
There are like 12 people THAT I KNOW OF
going to court on that same day.
They can't possibly see and process that many cases in one day.
Some will be delayed or rescheduled.

Finding the right perspective:
Think, think, think....
We DID pass committee.
We DID get our 171H.
We are doing fine on funds (unless you factor in travel..).
This will happen too...
probably just not in the exact way I would want.
It COULD happen...
no sense worrying about it till I hear results.

I think this is a personal improvement for me!
I used to be the FOURTH type of person...
"The glass is half empty and will soon be 
totally empty because it is slowly draining 
from a hole in the bottom."


This is an improvement.


  1. I know how you feel!!

    I've had a bad week myself, but I'm hoping tomorrow and onward are better.

    And, yeah, no point in trying to put a timeline on adoption, right

  2. I hear ya. There are quite a few people with May 20th as their court date too, so I'm sure we all won't pass. But I have to say I'm praying for a miracle!

    I will pray that we can both keep a good attitude and perspective!

  3. Hang in there... the end and the beginning is near! Hope you have a glass half full kinda Mothers day:0)

  4. I so hear you, bad week for us too, we had a court date on Tuesday and got postponed to the 18th!:( It is so hard to know that God is in control, but I read 4 people's blogs that passed on Monday and I just wonder why!!! So hang in there, I just have to keep telling myself that is "their" story, not ours, but why couldn't we have passed!:) We can rest assured that God loves us and knows what's best!

  5. I'm sorry you didn't get your garage sale done, but I'm proud of you for always thinking of others that you can still help at the same time. :)


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