Tuesday, May 25, 2010

 Another week has gone by. 
One week to go till our 2nd court date.
I am not sure of the specifics... if we just hope the "MOWA letter" is there or if the birth relative has to show up again. Not sure. Tried to get clarification, but was told they are "pretty sure" he doesn't have to come back to Addis again (6 hours one way by bus).

Yesterday was my first official day as a stay-at-home mom!
Before noon I had:
-welcomed a 6th child into the house
-baked a giant cinnamon roll
-nearly died from bathroom mildew remover fumes
-Washed 3 loads of laundry
-carried 5 bags of winter stuff up to the attic
-separated the boy's bunk beds as per Sam's request
-vacuumed up enough fur to make another small dog
-cooked a giant pot of spaghetti and meat sauce
-fielded several requests to purchase one of the neighbor's pug puppies
-washed two sink loads of dishes by hand (yes, the dishwasher is broken)
-snipped open countless popsicles for my 4 and several neighborhood children
-realized too much coffee + no breakfast = dizziness and near-blackout for mom
-fought the tiny kitchen ants and seemingly won the battle
-said things such as "Do NOT draw on your friend!"
  --and "No chasing people with poop on a stick!"
 --and "don't sword fight with metal sticks!"
 --and "if you are going outside, put on clothes that cover your body better than a swimsuit would!"
 --and "If you don't stop putting your hair in your mouth, I will chop it off up to your ears!"

It was a super busy first day at home and by the time it was bedtime... well, I felt like gravity had doubled up on me.

BUT... I started reading this book Scared which is a fiction novel about the AIDS crisis in Africa as told from two perspectives. I know this because I read over 300 pages of the book before midnight when I realized I could just pick it back up tomorrow... since I will be home then, too!

And we wait.
I am waiting for medical results from Evelyn's eye specialist visit.
I am waiting for updated pictures since the last ones I have are from around Feb. 21st. It's been 3 months and I am growing impatient.


  1. I hope you get the updates and news you are waiting for. The wait stinks! Enjoy your time at home~it's a busy blessing!

  2. Hi Chrissy!

    In all the craziness of our lives, you sent me the t-shirts twice. You sent one to my POBox, which must appear on my PayPal account, and one directly to my home. Rather than send them back, I'm going to send you another check. Seems everyone here wants one! I'd also like to get a Medium one, if you have any more!

    Thanks! Praying for a good court outcome next week!

    mom to the twins

  3. And I thought my days were busy??!! Praying for success in court....hang in there- they WILL come home!

  4. I am thinking of you while you wait...I know how you feel about the visa appointments. I am desparately waiting to find out when we travel! I also wanted to tell you that I LOVED the book Scared - couldn't put it down :) Hang in there! I'm looking forward to getting my t-shirt...it is for a friend of ours that is traveling with us to Ethiopia...he is going laugh so hard! :)


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