Thursday, May 20, 2010

Haiku of the week

Hello lovely blog readers!

Because I think I tend to get a little long-winded, over-wordy and generally adjective happy....
Haiku to describe my week!

I know, it's been too long since this post... I apologize.

Tuesday morning hope
Smashed to smithereens by lunch
Court date delays stink.

Lots of tiny babes
Going home in just a week
 Life just is not fair.

Three kids sit and wait
Knowing nothing of court dates
Do they know they're missed?

It's the end of May
Wanted to travel in June
Trying not to cry.

Hubby asked me out
Just the two of us Friday!
Testing mattresses ;)

Garage full of stuff
The yard sale's on Saturday
Hot, Sunny and DRY!!

Two weeks more to wait
June 1st will be our next date
Praying that's the day.

These Haiku's are bad...
And they are making me sad...
Time to clean the house.

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