Thursday, February 11, 2010


In honor of my friend Jamey's blog post on twisted poetry... Jamey's blog
I present to you...
My haiku.

So much still to do
Mostly out of my control

Ok, ok... I know... ENCORE! ENCORE!

Writing a big check
Sending it to Oregon
Googling FedEx

On a ROLL, baby!

Third cup of coffee
Wish it was cappucinno
Colombian blend

Ok, that was a little weak... (LOL!)

Printing small pictures
Two photos of each of us
For the dossier.

Maybe I should just post ALL my adoption updates in Haiku from now on!

All three blog readers
Roll their eyes in unison
They don't like haiku.


  1. I like your haiku-ing. :) I think you should write a sonnet though. :)

  2. ... and my coworkers wonder why I just fell out of my chair on the floor and am laughing out loud...

    great, how am I gonna explain that one!

  3. I love the haikus.
    You're the best sister ever.
    Can't wait to meet them!

    I'm just adding mine to the mix. :)

  4. Chrissy, it was funny until I got to the bottom and it said "all three blog readers" and directly under that it said 3 comments... then it was pee in your pants funny!

    Leah Ann


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