Thursday, February 4, 2010


Fellow Holt Ethiopia Mommy, Jen is doing a cool giveaway for some birth/adoption announcements over at her blog!
She is SO sweet and my go-to blog for updates on my other Holt families since she has this awesome way of organizing the family blogs by where they are in their process! (Ingenious...)
Go there, comment, win fun stuff!


  1. I think Jen is everyone's updated blogroll! I drop by and check out the latest postings 50 times a day! Her poor blog counter is waaaay off!

    Leah Ann

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  3. Looks like a little spam slipped through into your comments! Eek.

    Thanks for posting this, Chrissy, you're the sweet one! I've got you down for 4 entries!!! GOOD LUCK honey.


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