Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And answered prayers!

Not 5 minutes after posting my words below about finances,
We received word from Holt that we qualified for a grant!
This makes things QUITE a bit easier on us!

Thank you, SNAF people!
Thank you, Jesus - for providing in unusual, unexpected ways!


  1. Wahoooooo!
    I love how the Lord provides! :)

  2. Hey Chrissy, that's awesome news. I'm curious how you get qualified for a grant through Holt. Did you ask or did they just give?

    So, our kids are in the same place. Do you know much about the Wolaita region?

  3. We are so thankful to the generous folks who give to make Holt's SNAF fund possible. Our family was blessed twice by grants. So, so happy to hear you've been blessed as well!


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