Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I am the most BLESSED mom today!

My oldest called me from school to tell me something about his schedule and after school activities... 
and he said "I love you!" before hanging up! 

My youngest two got dressed and ready for school with NO issues today, 
ate breakfast without fighting 
and allowed me to get ready with no stress! 

My almost-12 year old daughter cracks me up with her puns 
and sense of humor 
and she makes me proud with her good grades at school!

Then last night I got new photos from Holt of my babies!
2 photos of our 4 year old girl!
3 photos of our 3 year old girl!
Oddly... no photos of our 2 year old baby boy...who we will call Joshua.

So I emailed Holt...

3 photos of Joshua!!

They look so wonderful!! 
So much bigger, 
so much healthier, 
so much happier! 
They have hair!

I feel SO very blessed to have received these photos!
And yes... 
they are already printed so I can show them off!


  1. Hooray!!! I like the stripey new blog look too. :)

  2. Photos are like manna from heaven...just enough to sustain you until the next provision. Yeah for photos! Know that Holt is giving great care to your kiddos

  3. I love the new blog look as well! :)
    (I also love when my kiddos tell me they love me...sigh)

  4. YAY! I'm so glad you got pictures of all three! It's funny how much a little hair makes a difference!

  5. Chrissy,

    Thank you for saying hello on my blog! Your "yes" to God has been the cry of our hearts as well...such a journey. It sounds like our timelines might be similar? We might get hung up on immigration though, as our fingerprinting happened just over 2 weeks ago... Blessings to you and yours.



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