Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Updated info!

Late yesterday just as I was leaving work, I got an email from Holt with a new update on my babies!
I was so excited to read all about how they are progressing while in care!

Here are some tid-bits on each of my youngest three!

4-year old girl:
She has gained 3.3lbs since December!
She grew 1cm too!
She is reported to enjoy singing songs, 
praying with her care givers, 
and is doing "well for her age"!

3-year old girl:
She has gained 2.2lbs 
and grew 5cm since December!
She still just likes to play with her siblings... and a toy car!
She also loves to sing and is doing "well for her age"!

2-year old boy:
He has gained 2.2lbs
and grew 2cm since December!
He has a vocabulary of at least 20 words,
likes to play with his sisters, but not alone...
and he "can" follow directions of caretakers!
He is also doing "well for his age"!

I know it may not sound like much info, and it is a little more detailed than those few lines, but it's so encouraging to hear that they are growing and doing well socially. The little lines about their personalities are just about the most wonderful gift a waiting adoptive parent can receive! I can't even express how wonderful it is to hear something about your child's personality since you can't witness these things yourself yet! 

EVEN MORE excited to get things moving faster now!
On the fundraising front... we are in the process of ordering some t-shirts to sell! They are going to be SUPER cool, so start thinking about how many places you will wear yours this summer and build your spring shopping around using our t-shirt as the base for every outfit! ;)


  1. You're right, those updates are so exciting! We got one from Holt on our older boy yesterday too. Now if only we could hear about our younger boy!

    Looking forward to seeing the shirts!

  2. Yeah for updates! Glad they are growing so well!! Can't wait for your t-shirts...I love adoption t-shirts!

  3. What wonderful updates! You must be so happy. Very excited for you...


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