Friday, March 19, 2010

Flow Charts

I would like a flow chart.

I would like to be able to post it on my fridge and see from beginning to end, where we are in our journey.

Right now things are somewhat unpredictable in Ethiopia.

We don't know for sure if we can get a court date in this "grace period", but we are sure hoping it works out.

Our agency has said that we must have our 171H (see prior post on getting fingerprinted) before we go to court, since they are concerned about our approval. Not super sure why they are so concerned, but they are, so we wait.

From what I have read elsewhere, the issue of the children being legally adopted in Ethiopia and then not claimed by their parents has happened many times. Maybe even more than 50 times. These are children who are quite literally STUCK now since their new legal parents do not claim them. I just can't get over those numbers.

So, yes... I understand the two-trip requirement. I really do! Being able to meet and get to know your potential child/ren before going to court is a very big positive in an adoption! If we are required to travel twice, we will pray for the best, we will pray for the money, and we will pray that our children -being some of the first to have their parents arrive, meet them and then leave - -will understand and that they would not be further damaged by the sudden change in procedure. Thankfully, our children are NOT at the Addis care center where they would partake in the going-home ceremonies twice a month. Therefore, they have not seen this happen over and over again for the past 7 months. I can just pray that if we are required to make two trips that they will not be moved to that center until just before we arrive.

I feel like I am rambling...

I am going to DO something today. I am going to clean out the closet in the bonus room, get that room ready to paint, and be productive in the things I CAN control (somewhat).

I can get my home ready for our new kids.

I can pray for them.

I can pray for our process.

I can pray that USCIS would approve our paperwork super fast.

I can pray for the others in this journey along with me.

I can focus on my sweet baby sister who is now a week over-due, (two if you count like normal 28-day people) and pray that by first niece will be here soon... Melissa's blog
I love you Mo! Remember, no woman has EVER stayed pregnant forever. She will be here soon... my money is still on Sunday. She just wants to be a spring baby! ;)

Off to get my shoes on and get to work!


  1. I know I've told you, but I'm going to tell you again. :) We are praying for you. As soon as I found out that we'll probably slide under the wire, but that you MIGHT get tripped. I've transferred all those desperate prayers over to you guys.

    Here's to a productive day!

  2. Thanks, Chris!
    I love you!
    I hope you have a fun and productive day tackling the girls room. :)

  3. I would like a flow chart that would show where the emotional highs and lows are going to be. I have needed it for the past 2 years because IMO I'm feeling like domestic was so much more grueling on my emotions, but people are saying IA is really tough too. I need to prep and know when to brace myself!!!


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