Saturday, March 27, 2010


12 years ago this evening I had a baby girl!
She was a tiny little thing!
As mom's of two or more can attest...
seeing your first (who you thought was still a baby) next to your second (actual infant baby) is a frightening thing! I was sure "baby" Paul was going to squish her with his moose-like girth.

He didn't.

Now, my sweet baby girl is TWELVE years old! How did this happen?
We have had a good 12 years so far!
There was the time when she was a baby that I dyed her, myself and the couch purple with Gentian Violet trying to cure her thrush! 

She fed a stray dog the cookies from her walker tray, assuring we then kept the mangy dog...
and named him Cookie. 
(And took him to the vet for that mange. Yes, literally a mangy dog.)

There was the time she was in her Aunt Dawn's wedding!
She was around two.
She did great in rehearsal...
then had a meltdown at the back of the church.
And got carried down the aisle.
By me.
In my fancy dress.
With a baby on my hip.

There was her "beach dress" that she wore until it totally lost its ability to act as a dress.
It was a pastel green and white floral print, halter top with smocking.
She wore it nearly every day! 

Now her "beach dress" is her lime green hoodie. 
She loves lime green!
And zebra print!

She is super smart, witty and clever!
She comes up with the funniest things!
Most of the time its appropriate timing on the funny things.

She is a pre-teen now, with all the joy and trials that brings.
She is growing into a beautiful young woman right before my eyes.
She is at that magical in-between age.
For her birthday she wants a Pillow Pet...
And Victoria's Secret PINK perfume.
Yep... she is a Tween!

My beautiful Allie Cat... I am so blessed to be your mom! When you were a baby I was nervous because you were SO tiny and fragile. Now I am nervous because I know our years are numbered before you will be all grown up and won't need me so much anymore. I will always be here for you.
When you are all grown up...
When you find that one person we are already praying for and you want to marry him...
When you have your own tiny baby...
When that tiny baby grows into a pre-teen (and cries about her hair...).

I love you, sweet baby girl!


  1. I think it is SO cool that we had our first daughters on the same day.

    Loved all the stories. What fun memories!

    Happy Birthday, sweet Allie!


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