Monday, March 8, 2010


There may be nothing quite as destructive to an adoptive parent's peace of mind than to obsess over other AP's timelines.

There are three possibilities when you do this.

1. Someone's timeline will match yours thus far and you begin to expect things will continue to match up.

2. Someone is moving at WARP speed and you begin to get frustrated and wonder why it is that their paperwork moves so much faster than yours.

3. Someone is moving WAY slower than you are and you begin to wonder what big wall you will hit next that will slow things down to that speed as well.

Where am I on this scale?

It depends on what time of day you ask me.

If you ask my husband? We are on the warp-speed path.

Today I am thinking we are more along the lines of the normal to slow path.
I have yet to hear our dossier is in Ethiopia... if it were there already it would be less than a month between our submission and it's arrival there, which would qualify for the warp-speed status. This week we will hit one month, which would be average. If it does not arrive this week.... I will start to obsess that we are slower-than-average for some reason.

As for other stuff...
I have planned a big adoption fundraiser yard sale for May 1st!
That seems to be good timing since in my heart, I am really hoping to be in the first travel group of June. Of course, in order to do that, we have to have our Holt fees paid in full as well as be ready to purchase 2 round trip and 3 one-way tickets!
I am also in the process of making these t-shirts to sell, but needing to finalize the design and the wording before we can proceed.
In addition to these two fundraisers, I am drowning in grant applications. Quite literally drowning. Each one has such different documentation required and the letters for each one are slightly different, that I am trying to just attack each one separately and cut and paste whatever I can from one to the other! They sure don't make it easy!


  1. Oh yes... I did the same thing up until we got out travel dates! I feel like sometimes we were ahead of the curve, other times behind it... So much fluctuation, it's hard to predict what will happen next!

  2. Chrissy, we are also adopting from the WC program ( almost 6 year old boy) and are moving (slowly :-) ) through the process. I am just working through my paperwork and wondering. . . .did you have to wait for DCFS's letter of endorsement before you could send in your home study with your dossier?
    Thanks! Rebekah

  3. I THOUGHT we would be on warp speed, but we've done the opposite. Ugh!!


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