Monday, March 22, 2010

How to turn a bonus room into a girls bedroom 101

You may or may not want to follow these directions verbatim.
Suit yourself!

1. Discuss color schemes for weeks. 
(Try fruitlessly to mesh the wants of two girls with one dad who hates to paint.)

2. Decide a three-day weekend is the time to finally get started.
(because really... when else are you going to do it?)

3. Begin by sorting toys and making one large pile for garage sale stuff.
(May 1st...)

4. Observe that garage sale pile is running over into "keep" pile... move "keep" pile.
(Consider moving "keep" pile into "sale" pile... decide against it.)

5. Spend 6 hours in the bonus room before deciding 
tomorrow's weather will be great for this project.

6. Saturday morning, wake up and begin again. 
(after several cups of coffee)

7. Decide to take a box to the garage for the sale.

8. Husband observes garage and deems it unpleasant.
(uh oh.)

9. Husband decides that first, we must clean out the garage.
(Double uh-oh.)

10. Drag everything onto the driveway.

11. Sweep garage.

12. Put everything back, piling garage sale stuff in centralized location.
(stop to take 13 year old to baseball practice.)

13. Make many trips up and down 2 flights of stairs from bonus room to garage.
(Who needs a stair machine?)

14. Husband starts sanding spackled nail holes.
(send hubby to pick up son from baseball practice)

15. Move TV into master bedroom.
(stop to help husband carry sectional down stairs and to the garage. Sleeper sofa included.)

16. Decide master bedroom must be rearranged.
(to make room for P90x... reluctantly.)

17. Realize rearranging master bedroom involves cleaning out from under the bed.

18. Find more garage sale stuff.
(lots more.)

19. Realize library's "fill-a-bag" sale was not kind to your dust bunny allergies.

20. Against better judgment, send hubby and girls to Home Depot for paint.
(File this under "and you didn't see this coming?")

21. Finish moving furniture around master bedroom.
(Thankful for those sliding furniture mover things from Walgreens!)

22. Try to act happy when kids and hubby return with Barbie-meets-Pepto-swirled-with-bubblicious-PINK paint... when you were hoping for a blue or purple tone.

23. Begin racking your brain for ways to color coordinate the second shade Hubby chose, a strange beige color, with the bright pink.

24. Decide that certainly they make a fabric which will incorporate both colors and decide to hunt until you find it and make it into curtains and pillows

25. Go help paint.
(still unable to believe you are consenting to put this color on the walls...)

26. Realize edging paint job was done by hubby, not 8 year old daughter.  

27. Begin to feel that 9:30pm is feeling more like midnight.

28. Decide that a shower sounds like a great plan BEFORE bed.

29. Try to not fall asleep standing in the shower.

30. Get to bed.

We then decided that Sunday would be a family day - not a painting day.
Tonight we will paint some more.
Today I have some better ideas about how to blend the colors together which 
will make me happier with the choices... 
and ultimately... 
it's the girls' room and they wanted PINK. They sure got it!


  1. wow. good luck finding the fabric. :) :) :)
    When we built our house as a kid my mom let us all pick out our bedroom colors. Mine was pepto pink. My sister's was yellow as the sun.

  2. WOW. Sounds like how I do projects!!! I think you should add some pics in with this post :)

    And p90x, who's doing that? I've been so tempted to try it but first I want to truly give up BAD foods... hmm.

  3. Hey! I am new to your blog and linked here from mine. Your journey is so exciting. I loved this post and would LOVE to see pics! :)



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