Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This past Friday (3/12) when our dossier made it to Ethiopia, we were also contacted by our social worker. She said that due to the new regulations (see prior post on New News from ET), she wanted us to NOT wait for our official fingerprinting appointment, but to instead just "show up on Monday and ask nicely" to get it done.

Um... okay. This is a government agency. They have intimidating initials (USCIS). They wear uniforms with patches and have warnings on the doors about not using recording equipment inside. These folks don't "do" fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants.

So, of course, Paul and I showed up Monday.

It went AWESOMELY well! They were super efficient, very friendly, and we were in and out in under 15 minutes! (We can only dream that someday the DMV or Postal Service would work like this!)

I called to let Holt know and they were glad to hear we were successful in getting that done!
I spoke with the social worker who had given us our rogue assignment and she was also glad and said that she will start her email campaign this coming week to check on the status.
I sent an email to the Memphis office asking nicely (half begging) for them to expedite our application.
I got a reply back that they always expedite.
(By definition, this can not possibly be true. Always expediting is not possible. That would be your normal speed. There would still be room to make something go faster if this was your normal speed. Should I send a dictionary?)

Anyway... I am trying not to think about it as the days go on.

Today, I am that much closer to our babies and they are closer to being ours!

Today, our oldest did a presentation for his class. The assignment was to choose a charity or non-profit and try to convince the class that they should spend their money on that person's choice. He and his group chose Holt. He showed photos of his newest siblings! He talked about their programs to keep families together! He is said to have done an awesome job!

He. Wore. A. Suit.
Yes... he also had on a baseball hat and high-tops... but he wore a SUIT, people!

It's in there. It's in their hearts. My own children are seeing the need and are vocalizing their heart for the least of these!

I love my family!
(even more than the Nashville USCIS office!)


  1. I'm so happy you got that done! And keep emailing them, because they apparently expedite things very slowly! :)
    And, yes, it would be so much fun to have a WCP travel group!

  2. That's great the fingerprinting appointment went so well!! WOW you are really getting along there. Something should go easy for you since you had to really make your case before the WCC. ;)

  3. I sure hope they stick to their word and your case is indeed expedited. That would be wonderful!!

    What a great feeling it must have been to have your son do his presentation on holt. Those are the moments when a mom can release a big sigh of relief and thank the Lord they are "getting it"! You're obviously doing something very right :-)

  4. Congrats on getting those fingerprints done! The folks there were super nice when I was there, too! You must be so proud of your little man..... Can't wait to see those 3 little kiddos on TN soil!


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