Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sam!

Seven years ago today, my fourth baby boy was born!
I was beginning to become convinced that he would never arrive, but the crankiness and unsettled feeling I had all day Valentine's Day 2003 and into the next morning confirmed that I was wrong.
Samuel is such a blessing to our family! He is sweet, kind, and loving... funny, energetic and loud too!
He is the most likely to say something sweet when you are having a bad day and the one who will come lay in the bed with me when I am sick or have a migraine. He is our snuggle bug and both of his teachers have just adored him!
Today he is the baby in our family, but this year he turns into a big brother and a middle-child! One of the most profound things we heard when talking to our kids about our pending adoption was from Sam. We were asking the kids how they felt about new siblings and we turned to Sam. "Sam... how would you like to be a big brother?"
Sam says, "I don't know! I have only ever been a little brother!"
It may not sound like much, but for us - we realized that this was new to ALL of us. I have never been a mom of seven kids! Our girls have never had more than one sister. Our boys have never had other brothers. Our family has never NOT fit inside a mini-van! So many things that we DON'T know about our coming experience - but Sam taught us that it's okay to not know!

We love you Sam-I-Am! We are so blessed to have you in our family!
Have a wonderful 7th birthday!!

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