Friday, February 12, 2010

Dossier in the mail!

Yesterday after I left work I drove up to the Catholic Charities offices to pick up my home study copies, the Agency license, the 3x notarized Home Study and the 3x notarized Power of Attorney! Everyone was so excited to give me my paperwork! There were "Congratulations!" and smiles all around! It's a little like going in for your 20 week ultrasound appointment - everyone knows that it's a big day in your life and they are vicariously happy!

I left there and went straight to the Fed Ex store.
I had to make a copy of my newly acquired documents, get my photo taken for my passport-sized photos, and check for the 15th time that I had indeed crossed off EVERY item on the checklist of requirements! I was bummed that I could not neatly put everything into chronological order corresponding with the checklist, but the authenticated documents were legal sized and everything else is letter sized. Don't they think about things like that when they choose the size of the paper for the authentication?? Maybe it's just me.

The lady taking my picture was all crabby and asks "is this for an official passport?". Not really knowing why that was important, I said ""
I got a look.
I said, "It's for my adoption paperwork - I am mailing it all in today and they need 'two passport sized photos'."
She was so happy for us! She even fixed my hair for the photo! I got out my phone to show her the pictures and got  "awww...." and "Isn't she precious!" and "Oohh that one has some AT-TI-TUDE!" and "He is just going to be Mommy's little snuggle bug!" Hee hee hee!! EVERY mom loves to hear those type of things about her children!

She took my picture, walked me over to the desk where she prints them out, carefully cut them into shape and lovingly gave them to me to put into my envelope labeled "photos" (which was paperclipped behind the first two documents in the pile). She then said, "Ok... let's go mail that off!"
She walked me over to the other counter, asked a few more questions, then left me to fill out the form with the addresses on it.
Another guy came over to help me. He was also super excited and asking a bunch of questions! I was afraid I was going to fill in the wrong blank since I was trying to answer him and do the form at the same time! He was very helpful and asked me if I wanted to look ONE MORE TIME to be sure. Why, yes! I do!
So, he sealed up my big envelope and graciously allowed me to take his picture with my mailing label!
Such a nice guy!
And then I was done!
As I was picking up my purse to leave I said "Thank you!" to both of them and then several people chimed in with "Good Luck!" and "Congratulations!"

Very fun!
Now... I sit and track my happy little dossier on its way to Oregon!


  1. Glad I'm not the only person who just randomly takes photos of people. ;)

    I was getting nervous when you were getting THREE copies of documents...then realized it was because you had three KIDS. ;)

  2. Well... I got three copies of everything so that I have a full set at home as well. OCD kicking in there! I have three sets of intake paperwork, three sets of referral packets, and three contracts... so, I guess I do have more paperwork than the average bear! :)

  3. Yippee! So funny that we both used Catholic Charities, both received all our stuff Friday and got it in the mail. Loved reading about your adventure. Mine wasn't quite so fun....stressing every single second that our documents were floating around Nashville without me there to guide them. Oh, and I'm glad to hear that someone else stalks the tracking :-) I've only checked twice today. God's blessings on you.

  4. AWESOME NEWS!!!! I ohpe it gets to Holt and then to Addis quickly...took ours a month to reach Addis.


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