Thursday, February 11, 2010

Paperwork Schmaperwork!

I am almost done, baby!!! WOOHOO!
By tonight I will have mailed my I600a WITH the homestudy AND mailed my dossier to Holt!
Now what??

My happy little dossier will travel all the way to Eugene, Oregon where it will be looked over by the ET staff peeps, they will add some papers then it will go to Washington, DC (who will have hopefully thawed out by then) and get stamped by our government and then sent to the Ethiopian Embassy in DC for more stuff... then on to Ethiopia!
When it gets there (not sure if it gets translated at the embassy or in ET), it will be translated and then they will start working on getting us a court date.
From what we are being told, we have to expect two court dates, possibly three.
You know, sometimes the lights are out in the courthouse....

After we pass court, we wait for a travel date! Our agency has two visa dates per month, therefore two travel groups per month. We are hoping that will be June or July (I am secretly hoping for June.. for our 15th anniversary... but let's not hold our breath!).

So... what do we have to do now?
USCIS will contact us for a fingerprinting appointment, but other than that... we do fundraising and we WAIT.

Did I mention fundraising?? Oh yes...
If you have any really awesome fundraiser ideas, please feel free to share them with me!
Right now we are focusing locally - trying to schedule cooking classes and thinking about auctioning my hubby's chef services for dinner parties... but wondering if I need to think outside of that box a little?

Goodbye, happy little dossier! Make your momma proud! ;)


  1. Congratulations!!! I'm afraid our dossier has been sitting in an office in DC for a week with no one looking at it because no one is at work and no one will be back until Tuesday...

  2. Congratulations on the big steps down!!!!

    We are doing a jewelry fundraiser with Cookie Lee. We get 75% of the profits (minus the cost of the jewelry.) I hate asking people to buy stuff but it is cute and sells itself. Several ladies from my mil's office and my office have ordered things. If it goes well enough i'm going to sign up so I can help other families do adoption fundraisers. It seems easy enough. :) let me know if you want some info!

  3. Congrats!! We had great success with a garage sale. We advertised what the proceeds were going toward, and people were VERY generous :)


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