Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Court Date thoughts

6 days from now...
in a courtroom in Ethiopia...
our family may increase by three!

I say "may"
because our agency 
(and all other agencies operating in Ethiopia) 
are sure to tell you that you need to be prepared
for more than one court date.

Why is that?
several reasons would cause
us to not pass court that day.

There's the possibility they power could be out.
The surviving relative may not show up.
Paperwork may not match exactly.
Something may not be signed.
They may just not get to us that day.

There are A. LOT. of families with 5/18 court dates.
A WHOLE lot.
Like 12 that I know of.
This accounts for a minimum of 16 children.
Children who need to come home.

Please pray starting now!
Pray that all our "I's" are dotted...
"T's" are crossed...
signatures are correct and complete...
everyone necessary is in attendance...
power is on...
and we PASS court.
While you are at it...
pray that we are able to travel SOON!
There are 3 visa appointment dates for our agency in June.
I really hope we are able to get assigned the middle date...
but God knows when we need to be there.

I got connected with a local group of 
African Adoption peeps!
SO looking forward to meeting them all at 
the next monthly get-together!
If you are in the Nashville area...
check out 


  1. I still find it to be a miracle that we passed court the first time with both our adoptions... So I know exactly what you're saying! I am praying for good news for you next week!

  2. will definitely be praying for your court date!

    glad you found me in blog world. looks like you are in the nashville area?

    this journey is much unknown...but thankful God is in control:)

    i'll keep in touch!

  3. crissy
    found your blog from courtney lankfords. we go to church with them. we live in spring hill and are also adopting from ethiopia. we are waiting on a referral and are at the top of the list. great that you found the fellowship is fantastic. we have been involved for a while. email if you want. i have a blog, but keep it private. can email you an invite if interested.

  4. I'm praying for you Chrissy. Our anniversary is May 18th so maybe it will be your lucky day too!

  5. Good luck with passing court. I completely understand the stress of waiting. We just passed court this week and are excited to bring our little girl home soon. I WANT TO ORDER A TSHIRT ASAP. PLEASE LET ME KNOW HOW TO DO THIS...I TRIED TO CLICK ON YOUR TSHIRT BUTTON, BUT IT DIDNT WORK. Thanks so much - and good luck with the wait. I'll be thinking of you!


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