Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Not to complain...

but REALLY??
Today I found out that two other families who are 
adopting siblings are traveling in the June 29th travel group.
One other family is also going and picking up one child.

Do you know what this means??
FIVE of the Embassy appointment spots are TAKEN already.
Five of the ten available on each date.

And you know what else??
I don't know everyone using Holt...
there could easily be 5 other kids being picked up already.
Which means...
even if we pass court on June 1...
we won't be able to travel till Mid-July at the earliest.
July 13th is the next date after the June 29th appointment.

I am SO frustrated!!!

I know all about things being "in God's timing"...
but you CAN'T tell me that it's God holding up our adoption.
You can't tell me that He would prefer our kids to wait in
a group home for one moment longer than they need to.
There is NO good reason for them to be there still.
There is NO good reason for us to not have 
passed court on the 18th.

I miss my babies.
I want them home.
I KNOW we take up 3 visa appointments and
I know that isn't going to sit well with some people
but you know what?
We have been waiting longer.
We have waited longer than anyone 
else on the waiting list right now.
My kids have been there longer.
I am TIRED of watching people decide to adopt, 
fly through the system, 
and pick up tiny babies before 
my kids get to come home.
I know those parents want their infant children
home just as much as I do...
but 2 more weeks to a 6 month old is not the 
same as 2 more weeks for children who 
were 2, 3 and 4 at referral who are now 
going on 3, 4 and 5 years old.

I want them home.
I want to travel in June.
I want to be done waiting.
I want my family together.
All of them.


  1. There are no good answers, Chrissy. The best we can do is say that God is counting each tear that falls, yours and your children's and that he will redeem them from the pain of this wait just like he has redeemed them from being orphans. I'm praying for you and you know my number!

  2. Hi Chrissy,

    I'm right there with you!! I hope you make the date you want!! I'm just praying to pass this 4th go around :)


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