Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hair/Body Oil

At the risk of utter failure and humiliation...
I am going to go ahead and announce that I am going to begin selling my hair butter/body butter
to the public.
Now that it's out there...
I just have to DO it, right?

Using it on the three littles hair and bodies, one pint lasts me about 6 weeks.
If you are just doing one child, I would imagine it would last quite a bit longer.

I could use some input.

The little girls think it smells like cake...(I think it smells like heaven!)
and I just can't come up with anything creative to call it!!

Thought about Le' Cake... the little girls initials, and the "cake"...
but that's taken by like 15 different bakeries all over the country.

Any ideas??

Also... what would you pay for hair and body oil, all organic ingredients, nothing unnatural inside?
What options would you like to have when ordering?
Any opinions welcome!

*** EDITED TO SAY... YES, it's totally for boys too!! Baby boy loves it!****


  1. I can't help too much with your questions, but I do know I'd love to buy some when you're ready!

  2. Me too! I love the Le'Cake idea, too bad it's taken! And considering I pay $15 for cream that is NOT all natural, I'd pay at least that for all natural! Good luck and if you need a "1st" customer, let me know!!


  3. Have some cake and eat it too!!
    That's about I'm good for as far as creativity goes.
    Is it too sweet to put on my baby boy? Will daddy be disappointed?

  4. No help with the creative name thing ... but it does sound like the perfect fundraiser for a second/fourth-ish adoption (what would we call it if you adopted agian?) ;) I saw a pic of that enormous bowl, so I know you can mass produce.

  5. Please, please!! Me too, I would love to buy it. As long as it's ok for boys too. :) I like the cake idea... cup of cake? cake make? I'm not that creative. :) Let me know when you start selling!

  6. I'm so excited about this, especially if it has no artificial fragrances. About the name...not sure. But I would definitely try it out on my family!! And paypal is always the best way of payment for me! So glad you're doing this Chrissy.

  7. Cake Curlz? Sweet Curlz? Heavenly Butter Cream? I'm not good at this...

  8. Cream Cake, Cake Cream, Dreamy Cake Cream???

    $15 for that size sounds decent, though I'm pretty cheap, so please don't be offended by that. Considering it's all natural definitely raises the value a bit. If I were you, I'd make the price higher and the shipping really cheap. I hate finding a product for $12 and then having to pay $6 for shipping. It's all a mind game, but I'd rather pay $15 for the product and $3 for shipping. I know I'm not the only one either!

    Can't wait to try it!!!

  9. Looks & sounds lovely! Hmm, what to call it? Cake Curls & Cream Cake have nice rings to them. Since you think it's 'heavenly' and the cake theme seems to feature prominently in the suggestions, as per your daughter's opinion...maybe something like 'Angel Cake(s)' hair and body creme/butter? Whatever you end up calling it, hope this new venture is both fun and lucrative!

  10. Can't wait to try it! I would call it Babycakes Hair and Body Butter; Radical Hair and Body Souffle; or AngelCake Hair and Body Creme.


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